Two weeks ago, I celebrated my last birthday in my 40’s. Hurricane Irma was looming over us  and my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of whether the hotel we had evacuated to would withstand the category 4/5 winds. My 3 children were with me and nothing else mattered.

I simply wanted all of us to get through Irma safely.

As the wind howled, and the palm fronds swayed a little too close to my window and the rains lashed the balcony, I realized that the Universe had gifted me time with my children , time to read and most importantly  time to think. For isn’t that what birthdays (and Hurricane –induced curfews) are for?

I had time to reflect on  my 49 years of living and loving.

"What did I want out of the rest of my life?"

It is humbling to say the least, to realize that you’ve probably lived out more than half of your life.

The questions, regrets, memories of trials and triumphs came. And went – because you know, that hurricane thing.

How did I want to live out the latter half of my life?

I realized that the journey I’d been on over the past three years or so, had led me to this moment.

The decision to live my truth and follow my heart had often brought me to my knees ….. but those had probably been the times when my greatest moments of transformation had occurred. I was finally ready to embrace all of who I was... that perfectly imperfect Wife/Mother/ Doctor/Coach/ Healer.....

Eventually the winds died down, the rains eased up  and we cautiously ventured outside

And that’s when I saw it.

A beautiful rainbow arcing across the sky. A symbol of renewal and hope. A sign of new beginnings as it embraced the many broken billboard signs.

Despite not knowing the state of our homes, or what the following days would bring, I felt my heart opening… I felt infinitely grateful that we had survived the storm, hopeful about our future, and something I didn’t expect to feel – Joy.

Joy is defined as “a feeling of great happiness”


I once read a blog post by one of my favorite authors Danielle La Porte where she said “Happiness is like rising bubbles — delightful and inevitably fleeting. Joy is the oxygen — ever present. Happiness is always passing through. Joy is the fiber of your Soul.

Because joy is so foundational to your true being, every other state or emotion can rest on top of joy, it can accommodate everything. “


I decided then, that this would be my word for the  next 50 weeks.

I committed to living the next year (and beyond ) focused on that one word – JOY.

I want to walk towards 50 joyfully, each footstep filled with intention.

I want to bring joy to my family, my friends, and my patients.

I want to leave the World a more joyous place than when I entered it 49 years ago.

I want to practice my faith Joyfully.

I want to dance in the rain (Carnival 2018 here I come!).

I want to paint. Buy the shoes. Eat cake….

I want to do whatever I can to get those bubbles  of Joy coursing through my veins  - I KNEW there was a reason my parents nicknamed me Bubbles J

I want my work to be focused on helping my patients find joy in accepting, loving AND living IN their bodies and in their lives. The Body Joy Method is being birthed as I write this ( click here to get in on the Boy Joy Conversation  http://bit.ly/thebodyjoycollective )

I want to walk across your hearts and your lives leaving you with as much Joy as I can.


Today, September 26, 2017, I am dedicating my Footsteps to 50 to Living, Learning, Leading, Loving & Laughing Joyfully.

For the next 50 weeks, I ‘ll be chronicling my Joyful Journey of Footsteps to 50 - 50 weeks of celebrating life, and being the change I wish to see in the World.


Independence Days

A few years ago, I went through a major life shift.

I was torn between staying in my comfort zone and taking a step out, way out, of that zone.

I had become disillusioned with the way I had been taught to deliver healthcare and felt strongly that there was a better way.

After many months of soul searching , I had a major AHA moment – I wanted to bring the heart and soul back into the practice of medicine. I wanted to marry the science of medicine with the art of the practice.

To treat people rather than treat disease. To look at the root cause of each person’s dis-ease and to truly heal them. For I knew that healing took place on a much deeper level.

Healing took place on a mind, body, spirit level, whereas took place on a purely physical level.

What an amazing shift this was! But I kept this to myself……

For many years, I kept silent. I leaned into the fear – what would my colleagues think? How would my patients respond to this?

So I remained silent.

Until …. One day the words that had been bubbling within  came forth.

I began to write and spill those words onto pages and pages of journals. 

And still, I kept my words hidden.

Still, I leaned into my fears.

Until, I could no longer hide. I could no longer give in to my fear.

I owed it to my patients and to myself to speak my truth.

I submitted my precious words to magazines, to blogs, and to my surprise , mywords were accepted, and appreciated!

My words were “out there”. No more hiding. The time had come to own up to who I was, to who I was meant to be.

I submitted my words to become part of the 365 collaborative book series. And they were accepted – twice.

When the latest book came out, I was in awe.

Seeing my words -  my thoughts, my feelings-  “out there”

I hoped that these words would heal and transform, and cause the reader to have their own AHA moment.

It wasn’t until I took a closer look at both of the books – 365 Moments of Grace, and then 365 Life Shifts, that the realization of what I’d done hit me.

Both my pieces had been listed on Independence Days:

July 4 – US Independence Day


 February 22 – St. Lucia Independence Day.

Many of my life shifts in the past few years had taken place in both of these places.

I took this as a sign.

I knew it was a sign, a sign that in letting my words go out into the World, I had claimed MY Independence. My words had set me free…..

If you'd like to read my words, both books are available on Amazon.com.

Here's a quick link   : http://bit.ly/2lEKtsw




My Valentine's Wish For You

Happy Love Day.

As I reflect on the past few months, I realize that many situations have been sent our way to teach us many lessons.

Lessons of love, of acceptance, of witnessing who we are, and who we want to be.

I’m so grateful for this journey that I stepped onto so many months ago .

Grateful for the lessons and the love that has come my way.

Today,  I’d like to share some of these lessons ; lessons of Love and Life and Light .

Here are some of the things I wish for you;  what I call my "Love wishes" for you.

  • A Healthy Body -  I wish you a deep unconditional love and acceptance of your body and what it has done for you. It is the only home you have , so treat it kindly, treat it gently.

It has probably carried babies & birthed them.

It has taken you to places you’ve dreamed of, and helped you through many a challenge.

Practice extreme self-care by:

 * eating clean, non-processed foods

*increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet

*cutting out sugar (or at least limit foods with added sugars)

*ensuring you drink enough water

*exercising daily. Move your body in whatever way you love- dance, walk, run, swim, bike, lift weights. Practice yoga, or Pilates to strengthen your core.


  • Peace of Mind – I wish you peace of mind. A mind that is able to accept life with all its trials and triumphs.

*Meditate daily- get quiet and follow your breath. Sit quietly, and imagine your thoughts being placed on a cloud, and as each thought comes, just release them onto clouds that gently float away.

*Connect with a Source greater than yourself – knowing that God / Universe will continue to support you once you allow yourself to be supported. Pray. Read something inspirational.

* Journal – write your thoughts down, get them out of your head and onto paper. There is so much clarity that comes through once you get your thoughts out there.

*Practice gratitude – each day , write down 5-10 things you’re grateful for.

*Disconnect from technology regularly and go spend time in nature. You can truly connect with yourself and your deepest desires when you sit in nature.

  • A Healthy, happy family – I wish you families that are connected, happy &  healthy.

Nurture your relationships with your parents, your partners, your children.

*Spend time with them. Have regular meals together, or dedicate one night a week as family time – watch an inspirational movie together or dedicate that night to play ( board games are my favorite).

*Tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

*Don’t be afraid to say “I Love You” – as often as you can.


  • A group of loving, supportive friends – I wish you a group of supportive and loving friends, who truly “get” you. Who are there for you at the drop of a hat.

Friends you can trust with your deepest secrets.

Friends who will know when to sit with you and say nothing.

Friends who know how to get you to laugh. Who always remember your birthday or those special days.

Friends who will wipe your tears, or give you the biggest hugs. Friends who celebrate your successes as though it were theirs.

*Nurture your friendships .

*Reach out and let them know how much you care. Let them know how much they mean to you.

* Be dependable .

*Be an honest and trustworthy friend. 

*Celebrate their wins and be there to support their losses.



  • Love –    I wish you a deep, unconditional love.

A love that has no bounds.. That allows you to be who you are meant to be, and  to do what you were meant to do.

A love that allows you to dream. To go after your goals in a big way.

A love that fills your heart.

* Be present in your relationships - give them your full attention.

*Cherish the people who are in your life. Let them know how much you value them.

*Don't be afraid to challenge your beliefs about what love should look like.



  • A Purpose-full and power-full life – I wish you a Life filled with purpose and power.

*A life that fulfills that special purpose you were sent here for.

*A life that is filled with clarity, and authenticity.

*That is filled with a desire to change the World and leave it a better place for having you in it.


I wish you a Life filled with infinite Love and Light.







2016 - The Year of Living "BIGLY"

I really can’t believe we’re here on yet another Christmas Day.

The years are flying past, and I can tell you, 2016 will be forever etched in my mind.

As I reflected on this year, there were many, many things that stood out.

Trying to capture them all into one word wasn’t easy… then it hit me. 2016 was the year we lived “BIGLY” ; I think we had no choice really.

We started the year as most of us do I suppose, filled with hope and great intentions.

I usually choose one word to carry me through the year and I chose MIRACLES.

Well … little did I know how much of a role “Miracles” would play in my life.

In February, I launched my online cause May Cause Miracles, based on Gabby Bernstein’s best-selling book. And so the Miracles began…

As a Physician, I’ve saved many lives, but teaching this course made me realize that “saving” an emotional life , by changing how someone looked at their World would have a much greater impact and would be bring me infinitely more joy and satisfaction.

My website was launched a few weeks later, another one of my “miracles” – for it had taken 3 tries with different domain names, designers and platforms before it became evident that this would be it!!

With trepidation, and loads of excitement, http://tanyabeaubrun.com  was launched with the intention of changing even more lives.

Last year, I rediscovered my love of writing and had the joy of having a regular column in SHE Caribbean magazine as well as on Lissa Rankin’s Owning Pink website. How I loved producing the articles as I got to release the words and thoughts and feelings that had been hiding deep within my heart and soul.

At the end of 2015, I had boldly claimed that the following year, I would be published on Huffington Post.

2016 brought me the fulfillment of that dream:




2016, also brought me the gift of becoming a published author. I was part of a collaborative book that became an International bestseller on Amazon:



I had the joy of participating in an Intuitive Art Course and discovered even more about myself as I played with color and texture and making bold strokes. 

I lived for these classes and was filled with awe and gratitude as I learnt more of who I was and what I was capable of... 

There was much to celebrate and I celebrated with grace and immense gratitude, always giving thanks that God had led me onto this new journey.


I gave thanks “BIGLY”


2016, also brought me some of the greatest shocks of my life.


I had some of the greatest “WTH’s” this year.

I just couldn’t get into that thought process – I was all about peace and love and hope and togetherness, but these showed me the darker sides of our humanity.


But you know, these also brought me the greatest lessons, for I realized that we needed to shine light on our darker areas , on those parts of us that we are ashamed of, that we keep hidden.

For only then would we be able to acknowledge our humanity, and embrace our duality

Because  we must ( we need to)  acknowledge that we all have these areas of darkness within our lives - the gossip, envy, resentments , guilt , that we carry around afraid that someone would peek inside our hearts and see them.

And  in order to appreciate the Light, we needed to embrace the darkness.

And there are now so many of us willing to serve as  Light- workers – owning up to who we are, and who we are meant to be.

Owning up to living our life purpose and using it to serve the World. Because it is my belief, that what this World needs NOW, are people ready to own up to their purpose and power and who are willing to use it to improve their families, their communities and the World.


We will serve “BIGLY”


I cried and shed more tears than I’ve ever done.

Had the biggest belly laughs that I’ve ever had.

Took some of the biggest chances that I've ever taken.

I experienced great disappointments – some of my biggest to date, but in facing these, I learned how strong I was and that every experience we go through is being directed by a Higher Power, grooming us for greater things.

I learned to surrender to the will of the Divine in my life – “BIGLY”

And THAT was one of my greatest life lessons this year – leaning in to every challenge, every triumph, feeling them deeply, “BIGLY” , owning up to who I was and who I was meant to be.


I felt the pain of loss “BIGLY” – the loss of one of my mentors, loss of far too many  friends, the shocks of sudden deaths seemed to rock my World – teaching me how to cry, to comfort, to shed some of my biggest tears to date.

To feel some of my greatest grief to date – I grieved “BIGLY” – and was reminded of the fragility of Life, and that we should not take the people and moments of our lives for granted.


Today, I will celebrate the joy of family and friendship, acknowledging that though we may have our differences, there is always a link of love that connects us and that this link needs to be nurtured and celebrated.

Today , I will LOVE “BIGLY” – pouring my heart into this day, into this Season, sending love and light to the people of Aleppo and the Middle East. My heart goes out to them as I pray for Peace.

I will continue to hope that Peace will prevail, that children will no longer be found under buiding rubble, that parents will no longer have to flee their homes , all in order to protect their families from the ravages of war and terrorism .

I will continue to hope "BIGLY"........ 

I will pray “BIGLY” – digging deep into my heart for the answers and lifting my prayers to the Heavens; assured that there IS a Higher Power guiding each and every moment of our lives.

That much I’m sure of. For 2016 taught me some of my BIGGEST Life Lessons.

I learnt to dive into Life and LIVE “BIGLY”


I wish you all a Healthy, Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season.