Caribbean Spark delivers hope and inspiration by sharing stories of St. Lucian citizens who have achieved optimal health and found a lifestyle of joy.

Dr. Tanya Beaubrun has a dream...

I’ve always held this dream of changing the face of healthcare delivery, by offering heart-based, soul-centered medical care focused on the individual needs of each patient. I believe that every patient deserves to have accessibility to healthcare that is delivered in a safe and nurturing environment. They deserve to feel seen and heard; to feel held as they are healed. I believe that we must bring the heart and soul back into the practice of medicine, merging science with intuition, and putting the patient at the center of it all. As a Caribbean woman and doctor, I’ve seen the impact of increasingly high levels of chronic disease on our population. This is what sparked the idea for Caribbean Spark. A movement geared towards changing our view of healthcare. A movement geared towards helping us understand the importance of prioritizing our health , helping us feel fitter and stronger and celebrating our innate vibrancy and vitality.

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