I sit here on the eve of my 47th birthday – feeling pensive and philosophical.

How did I get here? 47? I remember being 4!!

Where did the time go?

What have I done with my Life?

Have I done my best?

I’ve always loved birthdays. My earliest memory is that of celebrating my 3rd birthday.  An extravagant fiesta put on by my still naïve mother – who thought putting on a kids’ birthday party would be a piece of cake ha!   And speaking of cake – I remember my first glimpse of that Princess cake, alongside a wishing well one.

A Fairytale birthday indeed.

I had my friends, my family and loads of presents, and I was Princess for the Day.

I think my love of birthdays was sealed that day.

Birthdays meant cake – preferably vanilla with buttercream frosting, candles flowers, balloons, presents, and parties. Celebrating with family and dear friends. Celebrating life and love.

Today, I’ve come to the realization that, yes, though these are all wonderful, my birthday wish list looks a little different.

I wish for a Peaceful World, where there is no War, no violence.

Where parents no longer see the need to escape their homeland in search of a better, safer life for their children.

Where children can arrive into their new homeland safely, and not washed ashore on a distant, foreign land.

I wish for a World where we live in harmony with the Earth.

Where we honor and respect Mother Nature and the natural cycle of Life.

Where we can freely honor the Divine in our Lives.

I wish for a World where people have access to adequate medical care. Where they are treated with dignity and respect. Where they are treated as human beings, with bodies, minds and spirits and healthcare is tailored to their needs.

I wish for a World where all children will have access to education, one that honors their unique learning style and provides a safe environment for them to evolve into their best selves.

I realized that as I get older, I feel less of a need for presents and more of a need for PRESENCE.

I feel less of a need to receive gifts, and more of a need to give.

To give to my family – pure and complete Love. Love and acceptance of who they are, and what they mean to me.

To give to my husband deep abiding Love and gratitude for allowing me to evolve into this Butterfly, and for blowing air beneath my Wings so I can fly.

To gift my children with my complete presence, and deep gratitude for having chosen me as their Mama. They will be the whispers my heart will leave on this Earth, and I’d like those whispers to be strong and kind, and honest and true.

To gift my friends with health and happiness and peace. They are the family my soul has chosen. Bound not by blood, but by a shared love of life, and celebrating the little things that bring us joy.

So, tomorrow I will give thanks for the lessons learned.

For the presence of Family and good Friends.

For Faith that has sustained me through trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

For flowers – roses and orchids that bring me joy.

For Sunrises and Sunsets and Full Moons, and eyes that allow me to see these and a heart that has allowed me to appreciate all this and so much more.

And, yes, I will eat Cake –  Vanilla with buttercream frosting or maybe a deep dark German chocolate.

And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get me some birthday balloons. Cause…. Some things never change.


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