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Hello, I’m Dr. Tanya Destang-Beaubrun. As a family physician specializing in functional and integrative medicine , as well as a certified wellness and transformational coach, motivational speaker and author, I can help you design a life of your dreams, rediscover how it feels to look and feel well, and unlock the power to heal your life.

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I’ve spent the past several years as an advocate for holistic wellness , and I’m passionate about bringing the heart and soul back into the practice of medicine. For many years, I practiced Medicine as I had been taught – as a purely Scientific field.

Eventually I got honest with myself and realized that I wanted to offer more to my patients and practice Medicine as an Art as well as a Science. In my quest to achieve this, I became certified as an Integrative Health Coach from IIN, and also certified under Gabrielle Bernstein’s Level 1 and 2 Spirit Junkie Master Class.

I am an Advanced Fellow in Regenerative, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, and also Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine under the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

I believe that integrating health of body, mind and spirit is THE way towards achieving optimal wellness.

My dream of changing the face of healthcare delivery by offering heart-based, soul-centered medical care focused on the individual needs of each patient is now my reality.

With my unique blend of Western , Functional and Integrative medicine, Lifestyle and Transformational coaching , I have been called a Women’s Wellness Warrior.

My dream is to start a movement geared towards empowering people to lead full, vibrant and authentic lives by teaching them how to care for themselves, respect the choices they make and remain attuned to what they can do to heal their lives. My ultimate goal is to help them rediscover the joy of living in their bodies and in their lives.

Despite all this, my most important role has been that of wife and mother of 3. I live my message of optimum health and wellness by eating clean, and enjoy running, yoga and pilates.


Tanya has been a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s The Life You Want™ Class which focused on using simple acts of service to change our communities and the world.

She has been featured on Bravo TV’s Below Deck , as well as in The Huffington Post, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and on the EOFire podcast with John Lee Dumas.

She is the author of the Amazon Bestselling book, Of Bubbles, Buddha and Butterflies – a powerful collection of heartfelt essays, chronicling her journey to a new way of living, learning, and loving.

As the creator of the Body Joy® Method, Dr. Tanya Beaubrun empowers people with her simple, yet powerful message: Take exquisite care of yourself, respect the choices you make, and tune into healing from the inside out. She is passionate about bringing the heart and soul back into the practice of Medicine.

With her unique blend of Western medicine, Lifestyle coaching, and Integrative health, she has distinguished herself as a Women’s Wellness Warrior; with a dream of starting a movement geared towards empowering women to lead full, vibrant and authentic lives.

Despite all this, she feels her most important role has been as a wife and mother of 3.

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