The Whole Foods Revitalize 28-Day


A whole foods 28/42-day program adventure that teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious. Simple and easy to follow program delivered straight to your inbox.


The whole foods 28/42-day program. That can support you to make the changes you deserve

Here’s a peek at what’s inside this program:


  • 4 Weekly eBook Guides with daily prompts, so you get chunks of information daily, making it easy to apply these principles to your life
  • Hormone imbalance and 2 weeks of weight loss-focused meal suggestions and shopping lists to make burning fat and getting that lean, tone body that much easier to attain
  • Recipe Guide loaded with 53 gluten-free, family-friendly recipes created by a fabulous chef
  • Recipe Guide (Vegetarian ONLY) packed with 70 recipes that are gluten-free, family-friendly, and also chef-created (which means super yummy)
  • Total of 8/10 Weekly Meal Planners and Shopping Lists for each week (includes both non-vegetarian and vegetarian)
  • A Simple-to-Use Food Diary
  • 7 Handouts – these are your cheat sheets, ‘cause life can get busy!
    • 40 Snacks on the Go
    • Gluten-Free Substitutions
    • How to Go Gluten-Free
    • The 101 on Portions
    • The 101 on Vegetable Cooking Methods
    • Top Vegetarian Proteins
    • Low Glycemic Chart

Vegetarian, Omnivore

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