Moments of Grace

As I write this, it seems our World has been bombarded by acts of violence and terror.

Innocent lives cut short at a nightclub.

A toddler snatched from his father’s grip by a natural predator.

I feel raw and vulnerable and struggle to make sense of it all.

But the eternal optimist in me sometimes peaks through and reminds me that life is also filled with beautiful moments.

Moments of Grace.

Moments that can heal my pain, and soothe my anxieties.

So many of these moments touch our lives every day,  but unfortunately we’re often too busy to take note of them?

We’re just so busy doing, that we forget how to “BE”,  we forget how to “SEE " ,   how to “FEEL”

I wrote about one of these moments in the recently released book

365 Moments of Grace

 – a life-changing moment that showed me the importance of being mindful, and of being open to the magic and mystery of life.

A moment when I let my guard down and allowed the light to shine into every area of my life that needed healing.

Had it not been for an Angelic touch, this moment would easily have passed me by.

So in the midst of the uncertainties of the World, I’m choosing to look for these moments.

I’m choosing to find the Light amidst the darkness of this World.

I’m choosing to allow these moments of grace to touch me and heal me.

When I see my daughter’s smile as she spots me in her school parking lot.

The sound of my sons’ laughter as they play FIFA  against each other.

My children's delight at being together on vacation, their laughter and joy as walk along the streets of a new city. 

My husband’s walk -  confident, protective, right by my side. (Well, if Michelle can boast about Barack’s swagger, so can I, right?)

Savasana – final resting pose after a demanding yoga class = Bliss.

New orchid blooms.

The first morning rays of sunlight streaming through as it hits my kitchen counter.

The feel of my first book, the smell of the pages and seeing my name and photo in the author section.

These moments seem to reach into my core and heal my wounds.

They soothe my anxieties, and give me a feeling of peace.

They give me hope that, though there may be turmoil in the World, life can be balanced by these Moments of Grace.

Divine moments when the veil between heaven and earth seem to lift and leave us with a sense of wonder and awe.

Leaving us with a sense that there is indeed a Higher Power guiding our lives.

It is during these times that I have no choice but to believe that , indeed, it IS a Wonderful World.