How Retreats can change your Life and how to plan a DIY Retreat



This past year has been a year of deep introspection for me.

A year of assessing who I was and who I wanted to be in this World.

I felt a need to be of service, to give more of myself to my family, to my patients, and to the World.

After 25 years of practicing Medicine, I often felt that I needed to be able to offer more to them. I had entered medicine 30 years ago with a deep desire to help others, to change lives, to heal.


And here it was, that I found myself attending a Spiritual Retreat, something I’d wanted to do for a long time.

 Fate had somehow intervened and the opportunity was presented to me.

And there I was, on day 1, not knowing what to expect or even why I’d actually come .


All I knew was that for the next three days, there would be peace and quiet, deep prayer and connecting with a Higher Power.


The disconnection from the World did me good.

I couldn’t tell you what the latest political polls were, but I knew what my views on life were.

I didn’t know whether there had been another bombing or shooting, but I knew I had connected to love and that despite the turmoil in this World, I knew deep down, that Love would prevail.

Lesson learned – you need to unplug sometimes in order to hear the whispers of your soul.


We’re not always able to attend a retreat away from home.

Here are a few tips for a DIY mini-retreats at home:


1)    Schedule it. You need to carve out a set time so that you won’t be disturbed.

Let your loved ones know what you’re planning so they can support you during this time.


2)    Set your intention for the time you’ve set aside.  Get clear on why you’re doing this, what you want to focus on, and on what your goals are.

Maybe you want to get back in touch with yourself.

Do you want to feel empowered again , or to reconnect to your creativity or your Spirituality?


3)    Plan out what you will need.

Bath salts, candles, essential oils to relax your senses.

Inspirational books, mediation cd’s, relaxing music.

A new journal, some pens, colored pencils to document your thoughts.


4)    Unplug from technology. Do a social media and email detox.

Disconnect from the noise of the World to be better able to listen to your inner voice.


5)    At the end of your retreat, do something to celebrate. Maybe go out to breakfast or dinner by yourself.  Treat yourself to that bar of special chocolate or a new journal.

This is the time to celebrate YOU, to celebrate putting yourself first.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

I’d love to hear how your DIY Retreats have gone.


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