Independence Days

A few years ago, I went through a major life shift.

I was torn between staying in my comfort zone and taking a step out, way out, of that zone.

I had become disillusioned with the way I had been taught to deliver healthcare and felt strongly that there was a better way.

After many months of soul searching , I had a major AHA moment – I wanted to bring the heart and soul back into the practice of medicine. I wanted to marry the science of medicine with the art of the practice.

To treat people rather than treat disease. To look at the root cause of each person’s dis-ease and to truly heal them. For I knew that healing took place on a much deeper level.

Healing took place on a mind, body, spirit level, whereas took place on a purely physical level.

What an amazing shift this was! But I kept this to myself……

For many years, I kept silent. I leaned into the fear – what would my colleagues think? How would my patients respond to this?

So I remained silent.

Until …. One day the words that had been bubbling within  came forth.

I began to write and spill those words onto pages and pages of journals. 

And still, I kept my words hidden.

Still, I leaned into my fears.

Until, I could no longer hide. I could no longer give in to my fear.

I owed it to my patients and to myself to speak my truth.

I submitted my precious words to magazines, to blogs, and to my surprise , mywords were accepted, and appreciated!

My words were “out there”. No more hiding. The time had come to own up to who I was, to who I was meant to be.

I submitted my words to become part of the 365 collaborative book series. And they were accepted – twice.

When the latest book came out, I was in awe.

Seeing my words -  my thoughts, my feelings-  “out there”

I hoped that these words would heal and transform, and cause the reader to have their own AHA moment.

It wasn’t until I took a closer look at both of the books – 365 Moments of Grace, and then 365 Life Shifts, that the realization of what I’d done hit me.

Both my pieces had been listed on Independence Days:

July 4 – US Independence Day


 February 22 – St. Lucia Independence Day.

Many of my life shifts in the past few years had taken place in both of these places.

I took this as a sign.

I knew it was a sign, a sign that in letting my words go out into the World, I had claimed MY Independence. My words had set me free…..

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