Two weeks ago, I celebrated my last birthday in my 40’s. Hurricane Irma was looming over us  and my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of whether the hotel we had evacuated to would withstand the category 4/5 winds. My 3 children were with me and nothing else mattered.

I simply wanted all of us to get through Irma safely.

As the wind howled, and the palm fronds swayed a little too close to my window and the rains lashed the balcony, I realized that the Universe had gifted me time with my children , time to read and most importantly  time to think. For isn’t that what birthdays (and Hurricane –induced curfews) are for?

I had time to reflect on  my 49 years of living and loving.

"What did I want out of the rest of my life?"

It is humbling to say the least, to realize that you’ve probably lived out more than half of your life.

The questions, regrets, memories of trials and triumphs came. And went – because you know, that hurricane thing.

How did I want to live out the latter half of my life?

I realized that the journey I’d been on over the past three years or so, had led me to this moment.

The decision to live my truth and follow my heart had often brought me to my knees ….. but those had probably been the times when my greatest moments of transformation had occurred. I was finally ready to embrace all of who I was... that perfectly imperfect Wife/Mother/ Doctor/Coach/ Healer.....

Eventually the winds died down, the rains eased up  and we cautiously ventured outside

And that’s when I saw it.

A beautiful rainbow arcing across the sky. A symbol of renewal and hope. A sign of new beginnings as it embraced the many broken billboard signs.

Despite not knowing the state of our homes, or what the following days would bring, I felt my heart opening… I felt infinitely grateful that we had survived the storm, hopeful about our future, and something I didn’t expect to feel – Joy.

Joy is defined as “a feeling of great happiness”


I once read a blog post by one of my favorite authors Danielle La Porte where she said “Happiness is like rising bubbles — delightful and inevitably fleeting. Joy is the oxygen — ever present. Happiness is always passing through. Joy is the fiber of your Soul.

Because joy is so foundational to your true being, every other state or emotion can rest on top of joy, it can accommodate everything. “


I decided then, that this would be my word for the  next 50 weeks.

I committed to living the next year (and beyond ) focused on that one word – JOY.

I want to walk towards 50 joyfully, each footstep filled with intention.

I want to bring joy to my family, my friends, and my patients.

I want to leave the World a more joyous place than when I entered it 49 years ago.

I want to practice my faith Joyfully.

I want to dance in the rain (Carnival 2018 here I come!).

I want to paint. Buy the shoes. Eat cake….

I want to do whatever I can to get those bubbles  of Joy coursing through my veins  - I KNEW there was a reason my parents nicknamed me Bubbles J

I want my work to be focused on helping my patients find joy in accepting, loving AND living IN their bodies and in their lives. The Body Joy Method is being birthed as I write this ( click here to get in on the Boy Joy Conversation  http://bit.ly/thebodyjoycollective )

I want to walk across your hearts and your lives leaving you with as much Joy as I can.


Today, September 26, 2017, I am dedicating my Footsteps to 50 to Living, Learning, Leading, Loving & Laughing Joyfully.

For the next 50 weeks, I ‘ll be chronicling my Joyful Journey of Footsteps to 50 - 50 weeks of celebrating life, and being the change I wish to see in the World.