2016 - The Year of Living "BIGLY"

I really can’t believe we’re here on yet another Christmas Day.

The years are flying past, and I can tell you, 2016 will be forever etched in my mind.

As I reflected on this year, there were many, many things that stood out.

Trying to capture them all into one word wasn’t easy… then it hit me. 2016 was the year we lived “BIGLY” ; I think we had no choice really.

We started the year as most of us do I suppose, filled with hope and great intentions.

I usually choose one word to carry me through the year and I chose MIRACLES.

Well … little did I know how much of a role “Miracles” would play in my life.

In February, I launched my online cause May Cause Miracles, based on Gabby Bernstein’s best-selling book. And so the Miracles began…

As a Physician, I’ve saved many lives, but teaching this course made me realize that “saving” an emotional life , by changing how someone looked at their World would have a much greater impact and would be bring me infinitely more joy and satisfaction.

My website was launched a few weeks later, another one of my “miracles” – for it had taken 3 tries with different domain names, designers and platforms before it became evident that this would be it!!

With trepidation, and loads of excitement, http://tanyabeaubrun.com  was launched with the intention of changing even more lives.

Last year, I rediscovered my love of writing and had the joy of having a regular column in SHE Caribbean magazine as well as on Lissa Rankin’s Owning Pink website. How I loved producing the articles as I got to release the words and thoughts and feelings that had been hiding deep within my heart and soul.

At the end of 2015, I had boldly claimed that the following year, I would be published on Huffington Post.

2016 brought me the fulfillment of that dream:




2016, also brought me the gift of becoming a published author. I was part of a collaborative book that became an International bestseller on Amazon:



I had the joy of participating in an Intuitive Art Course and discovered even more about myself as I played with color and texture and making bold strokes. 

I lived for these classes and was filled with awe and gratitude as I learnt more of who I was and what I was capable of... 

There was much to celebrate and I celebrated with grace and immense gratitude, always giving thanks that God had led me onto this new journey.


I gave thanks “BIGLY”


2016, also brought me some of the greatest shocks of my life.


I had some of the greatest “WTH’s” this year.

I just couldn’t get into that thought process – I was all about peace and love and hope and togetherness, but these showed me the darker sides of our humanity.


But you know, these also brought me the greatest lessons, for I realized that we needed to shine light on our darker areas , on those parts of us that we are ashamed of, that we keep hidden.

For only then would we be able to acknowledge our humanity, and embrace our duality

Because  we must ( we need to)  acknowledge that we all have these areas of darkness within our lives - the gossip, envy, resentments , guilt , that we carry around afraid that someone would peek inside our hearts and see them.

And  in order to appreciate the Light, we needed to embrace the darkness.

And there are now so many of us willing to serve as  Light- workers – owning up to who we are, and who we are meant to be.

Owning up to living our life purpose and using it to serve the World. Because it is my belief, that what this World needs NOW, are people ready to own up to their purpose and power and who are willing to use it to improve their families, their communities and the World.


We will serve “BIGLY”


I cried and shed more tears than I’ve ever done.

Had the biggest belly laughs that I’ve ever had.

Took some of the biggest chances that I've ever taken.

I experienced great disappointments – some of my biggest to date, but in facing these, I learned how strong I was and that every experience we go through is being directed by a Higher Power, grooming us for greater things.

I learned to surrender to the will of the Divine in my life – “BIGLY”

And THAT was one of my greatest life lessons this year – leaning in to every challenge, every triumph, feeling them deeply, “BIGLY” , owning up to who I was and who I was meant to be.


I felt the pain of loss “BIGLY” – the loss of one of my mentors, loss of far too many  friends, the shocks of sudden deaths seemed to rock my World – teaching me how to cry, to comfort, to shed some of my biggest tears to date.

To feel some of my greatest grief to date – I grieved “BIGLY” – and was reminded of the fragility of Life, and that we should not take the people and moments of our lives for granted.


Today, I will celebrate the joy of family and friendship, acknowledging that though we may have our differences, there is always a link of love that connects us and that this link needs to be nurtured and celebrated.

Today , I will LOVE “BIGLY” – pouring my heart into this day, into this Season, sending love and light to the people of Aleppo and the Middle East. My heart goes out to them as I pray for Peace.

I will continue to hope that Peace will prevail, that children will no longer be found under buiding rubble, that parents will no longer have to flee their homes , all in order to protect their families from the ravages of war and terrorism .

I will continue to hope "BIGLY"........ 

I will pray “BIGLY” – digging deep into my heart for the answers and lifting my prayers to the Heavens; assured that there IS a Higher Power guiding each and every moment of our lives.

That much I’m sure of. For 2016 taught me some of my BIGGEST Life Lessons.

I learnt to dive into Life and LIVE “BIGLY”


I wish you all a Healthy, Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season.



How Retreats can change your Life and how to plan a DIY Retreat



This past year has been a year of deep introspection for me.

A year of assessing who I was and who I wanted to be in this World.

I felt a need to be of service, to give more of myself to my family, to my patients, and to the World.

After 25 years of practicing Medicine, I often felt that I needed to be able to offer more to them. I had entered medicine 30 years ago with a deep desire to help others, to change lives, to heal.


And here it was, that I found myself attending a Spiritual Retreat, something I’d wanted to do for a long time.

 Fate had somehow intervened and the opportunity was presented to me.

And there I was, on day 1, not knowing what to expect or even why I’d actually come .


All I knew was that for the next three days, there would be peace and quiet, deep prayer and connecting with a Higher Power.


The disconnection from the World did me good.

I couldn’t tell you what the latest political polls were, but I knew what my views on life were.

I didn’t know whether there had been another bombing or shooting, but I knew I had connected to love and that despite the turmoil in this World, I knew deep down, that Love would prevail.

Lesson learned – you need to unplug sometimes in order to hear the whispers of your soul.


We’re not always able to attend a retreat away from home.

Here are a few tips for a DIY mini-retreats at home:


1)    Schedule it. You need to carve out a set time so that you won’t be disturbed.

Let your loved ones know what you’re planning so they can support you during this time.


2)    Set your intention for the time you’ve set aside.  Get clear on why you’re doing this, what you want to focus on, and on what your goals are.

Maybe you want to get back in touch with yourself.

Do you want to feel empowered again , or to reconnect to your creativity or your Spirituality?


3)    Plan out what you will need.

Bath salts, candles, essential oils to relax your senses.

Inspirational books, mediation cd’s, relaxing music.

A new journal, some pens, colored pencils to document your thoughts.


4)    Unplug from technology. Do a social media and email detox.

Disconnect from the noise of the World to be better able to listen to your inner voice.


5)    At the end of your retreat, do something to celebrate. Maybe go out to breakfast or dinner by yourself.  Treat yourself to that bar of special chocolate or a new journal.

This is the time to celebrate YOU, to celebrate putting yourself first.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

I’d love to hear how your DIY Retreats have gone.


If you’d like more information on living a life of your dreams, connect with me on my website: www.tanyabeaubrun.com.

 I’d love to gift you with my free Dreamcatcher Workbook:



Dear Tanya,

Tomorrow, I celebrate another birthday.

As I sit and think of where I was a year ago, of WHO I was a year ago, I can’t quite take it in.

I wish the ME today could have written to that person a year ago.

Here’s what she would have said:


September 11, 2015

Dear Tanya,


Happy Birthday!!

It’s the first birthday you’ve spent away from home in many years , and you’re a little sad.

And a little scared of what lies ahead.

You’re in a new city, away from the comfort, familiarity and security of home, and that terrifies you.

You’ve had to put on a brave face for your family and friends, but they don’t see the scared, teary child- woman who wakes up at 3 am and wonders what the *#!* she’s done?


What you don’t know, my dear, is that this will be your year of living deeply, a year of living out your dreams, some way beyond what you can now imagine.


You will find yourself making new friends as you sit quietly in your new gym; feeling hopelessly lost. That someone will turn to you and say hi, and ask you about yourself? You’ll hold back tears as you explain why you’re here. The ache in your heart because you miss your home hidden by the smile you’ve learned to paste on.

This gym will become your daily lifeline and you’ll change your body, and your mind as you learn a whole new way of exercising.


You’ll learn to drive on the opposite side, and plan trips based on when traffic is light. And gratefully say a prayer when you finally make it back from your first one-hour drive. Eventually you will master the art of changing lanes on the highway.


You’ll enroll in the course you’ve wanted to for so long and have your mind stretched beyond measure. You’ll have to learn medicine from a new perspective and often question whether you ever knew this stuff?? The Anatomy and Physiology books will be brought out and you’ll immerse yourself, once more, into basic medical science, remembering that THIS is why you loved medicine. That this new way of patient - centered medicine feels so much more like the medicine you envisaged practicing as a child.


You’ll immerse yourself in home-making and learn how satisfying home-caring can be. The scent of slow-cooked Beef Bourguignon, clean towels neatly lined up in the cupboards and a gleaming bathroom stall will make you beam. (Who would have thought?)

That the pangs of guilt you’ve felt at not being there for your kids, and being consumed with building your Practice , will be offset the moment your son tells you he always wanted a mom who cooked as you take the lasagna he requested out of the oven.

That you will be overjoyed that you decided to be there for your daughter as she admits that she spent her lunch hour on the first day of her new school in the bathroom . That being there for her during that adjustment period will be one of the best gifts you can give to her ( and to yourself).

You’ll learn the difference between being alone and feeling lonely. When the highlight of your Friday night becomes the latest episode of Hawaii-5-O. Through these times, you’ll discover a quiet strength you didn’t know you had, and how much your faith will sustain you.


You’ll get news that friends and colleagues have passed away, and spend the day you learn of the death of one of your mentors fighting back tears and feeling deeply saddened that you’re unable to attend his funeral. Your heart will break when you remember the good times.

This will happen more than once.


You will meet new people, people who will change your outlook on life and how you do business.

You will attend Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Level 2 Masterclass - it HAS been on your bucket list for several years hasn’t it?  There you will meet your tribe, your soul-sisters, people who just get you. Your layers will be peeled away, and you’ll show who you really are.

You will discover how truly miraculous life can be. 

You will learn to listen to your intuition, to that inner voice that has not been allowed to speak for so long, and you will write and speak and share your story.

 Share your stories in Huffington Post, as a published author on Amazon, and on your blog.

As you share your story, you will help people accept theirs, and learn and grow in ways they never thought possible.

 You will have a major AHA moment when you realize that saving a physical life is fulfilling but nowhere near as fulfilling and soul- satisfying as saving someone’s spirit and psyche.


This coming year, you will learn what you’ve always known - that there a many, many ways to heal.

You will learn from workshops and conferences and several textbooks.

 You will learn from coaches and mentors, and new friends.

And, most importantly, you will learn from your experience, you will learn from LIFE.


So, my dear Tanya, cheer up, put on your happy face.

Blow out the candles and eat the cake.

Remember, as Christopher Robin said  “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”



What I learned from Bernstein (Gabby) , Brene ( Brown) & Beth's Big Magic



I’ve always been an avid reader, a lover of all things to do with books- you know - the smell of a new book, the sound of opening a brand new book, the feel of a crisp new page.

The excitement of diving into a whole new World....

Spending time in a large bookstore soothes my soul and cracks open my heart.

As I’ve grown older and, hopefully, wiser, I’ve come to appreciate just how much a good book can change your life.

My taste in books change, but the lessons I learn stay with me.

One of my favorites was May Cause Miracles, by Gabrielle Bernstein. Over the course of six weeks, I learned to choose Love over Fear, to be open to the many miracles this Life has to offer.

 I learned to make Love, the mainstay of who I was, what I did, and how I lived.

My life opened up to infinite possibilities. I saw my family, my friends, and my patients in a whole new way.

Each encounter, no matter how brief, was seen as a chance to make a difference, a chance to see the Love that was at the core of each and every one of us.

Life became more about being, rather than doing.

About connecting to my Divine self, about becoming what one of what Gabby called a Light worker.

Life felt good…

Enter Brene Brown. I stumbled across her TED talk  a few years ago and was hooked. She came into my Life at a crucial moment, when the student is ready… the teacher will come???

 I read The Gifts of Imperfection in one sitting, followed shortly after by Daring Greatly.

Wow!! Talk about being smacked in the face ( in a good way).

 I learned to lean in to my vulnerability, into courage, into a more meaningful life.

Daring to be vulnerable led me along many a path. A path of daring to be great, daring to be more authentic, more compassionate, more ME.

Her words jumped out of her books , grabbed hold of my heart and wrung it dry – dry of guilt , of shame, of self-reproach, and again, of fear.  These were replaced by self-love, contentment, and a renewed sense of purpose.

I was in love with this new view of Life!

I meditated, became a tad more courageous and vulnerable, and became more open to a miraculous way of living.

And when I least expected it, the Magic appeared… Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

She had already transported me to Italy, India and Bali in Eat, Pray, Love. Now she came crashing in to remind me of the creativity I'd left behind.

Yes, I’d learned to love, to walk my walk. Now it was time to talk my talk, to be brave, to create.

To open up to the  words that were waiting to jump out of my heart,  out of my soul.

To open up to the colorful images that danced in my head.

 I wanted to write, to talk, and to paint and colour.

 I had to.

I’m ever so grateful for these women, for Bernstein, Brown and Beth, for the Miracles, their Messages and their Magic.

I can't wait to see what my next trip to Barnes and Noble will reveal….


Please feel free to share some of your favorite books with us and how they have changed your life.

I cant wait to hear your stories.