90% of my clients say “I finally feel
like myself again.”

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What it's Like to Work with Me

"It is such a blessing to be in your care post cancer treatment. Your thorough and holistic approach is unmatched by any in the business. I am always certain that every concern of mine will be addressed, never feel rushed or dismissed. The fact that you share my visit/ result and history with me allows me to feel like I am in control of my health. You care for mind, body and soul and I love the fact that a prescription is not a given. You continue to help me to live more mindfully, being constantly aware of what, put into my body, the importance of exercise, rest, time for self and soul. I cannot thank you enough. "
~ Private Client
"Dr. Beaubrun has not only medically treated me, but my healing journey has allowed me to evolve mentally and spiritually. My physical healing and restoration of my “self” was guided by her wisdom and care, and her holistic approach to healing. Her intuitiveness, care and attention to details which I would overlook has in many ways, become my life saver. Undoubtedly, had Dr. Beaubrun not become part of my journey when I first appeared in her office on the precipice of a burn out, I would not have been able to accomplish so many of my professional and personal goals. I am so grateful for her. "
~ Private Client
“I worked with Tanya during a period of unexpected transition in my life. She helped me achieve goals that I had failed to achieve so many times in the past. I have grown and matured on a personal level in ways I never thought possible. Her unique balance of gentle questioning, deep insight, thoughtfulness and nurturing helped me navigate the change and I was able to transition into this new phase of my life. Today my quality of life is so much better, and I’m truly living the Life of my dreams.”
~ Private Client
"I started Dr Tanya’s program 3 months ago. Within 3 weeks, I was able to finally sleep through the night; something I hadn't done in 5 years. Since then, I’ve lost 8 pounds and was able to fit into an outfit I hadn't worn in over a year. I have more energy and I’m learning to love my body and to feed it what it needs."
~ 49 year old wife and mother of 4
"Tanya’s program changed my life. I was overweight and frequently overwhelmed balancing my family and work. Tanya seemed to truly understand what I was going through and was able to be a real partner in my transformation. I’ve lost weight, no longer have belly fat and have the energy to exercise and make time for myself. I am healthier and happier than I’ve ever been."
~ TC 39 years old
"My family and I placed our health in the hands of the dedicated and caring professionals at Satya Integrative Medical Services almost a decade ago. It was the best decision we ever made. The quality of care, facilities and services available are top notch and we feel like part of a family that is truly invested in our well-being. As busy parents and business owners it’s also really convenient to be able to go to one facility for our whole family and have access to a comprehensive range of services so close to home."
~ S.W. 45 yr old, wife and mom of two
“I had literally no idea I was so hooked on sugar and relying on it to help me process my emotions. I feel so much more freedom now that I’ve ended my toxic relationship with sugar. The way I was relying on sugar was much like a bad marriage that you just stay in for convenience sake. I can’t believe how much happier and lighter I feel now that I’m no longer addicted to sugar and foods that don’t truly nourish me. My mood, skin, and overall life have improved dramatically. Thank you so much for this life changing program!”
~ Marianne, Sugar Repair Program Client
"Not until I went to Dr. Beaubrun did I realize the difference between a doctor and a health partner... the team at the Satya Integrative Medical Services has supported me through difficult medical times with care and listening... It is a special place."
~ P.D., 55 yr old, male, father and husband
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