Why I’ve become a Warrior Wellness

I always wanted to be a Doctor. As a child, my dolls were subjected to injections and operations – in an attempt to cure them of the many ailments I’d read about. I’d pour over the now ancient medical textbook “Modern Ways to Health” – and stare at the photos of Doctors sitting at the bedside of their patients. I knew in my heart that that was what I wanted to do. And it all seemed to go according to plan. I entered medical school and was trained by some of the most amazing Doctors who taught me the Science of medicine. I learned to diagnose and treat many diseases. I learned how drugs worked on the body, and which drug worked best for a particular disease. I’d learned it all it seemed and for almost 10 years, I did exactly what I was taught. I treated disease with the latest drugs, always looking for the newer and safer one. Do you know the one with has fewer side effects?? Yes – that one miracle drug…. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Well,  my teacher came in the form of the deaths of a few patients. As I poured through their medical notes, it hit me – all I had done was simply change their medications. I really hadn’t cured them. I felt a vague sense of failure ….. My heart ached as I remembered those photos from that ancient book, and it hit me then, that these ancient Doctors had also practiced the ART of medicine. That was my AHA moment. I knew that I had to bring the heart and soul back into my practice of medicine. I needed to do that for my patients. I needed to do that for ME. I decided then, that my career would now be my vocation. That each encounter with a patient would be a chance to change a life and truly connect with them. I decided that my soul’s calling would be to serve my patients, by treating THEM, not simply their disease. I wanted them to feel well, to look well, to BE well. I started asking them to tune in to what THEY felt was wrong with them. I started to allow them to tell me their stories. I listened, I held hands, I hugged and cried with them. I shared their challenges and their triumphs. I learned about their families, their children, their jobs and their dreams. I learned how truly important the mind body spirit connection was to lasting health. My patients became healthier AND happier. I felt a deeper connection with them. A deeper connection to who I was, and to what my life path would be. At a Mastermind retreat a few months ago, my mentor called me a Wellness Warrior. I smiled and simply shrugged it away. Today, I embrace this calling. I feel I must. I will be less of a Wellness Worrier and more of a WELLNESS WARRIOR. I believe that by integrating the health of Body, Mind, and Spirit we can achieve optimal Wellness. Come on over a join my tribe, WELLNESS WARRIORS INTERNATIONAL Join our Facebook Group and together we will change the face of health and wellness. Together we will work to take charge of your health. Click here to join my Facebook Group. http://bit.ly/1wellneswarriorsinternational And hop on over to my website http://tanyabeaubrun.com There’s even more juiciness there.
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